Rolfing® Success Stories

My deepest gratitude goes to these clients, who say it in their own words:

“Brad Jones is a healer! After fighting plantar fasciitis and a heel spur for 2.5 years, I found Brad through a friend in the ultra-running community. I had no experience with Rolfing and Brad was excited to take a stab at a problem that podiatrists, orthopedists, physical therapists, and massage therapists could not figure out. He took the time to understand my history, lifestyle and habits, provided immediate and dramatic relief for my injury, and educated me with stretches and exercises to avoid a reoccurrence. Working with Brad has allowed me to better understand my body and get closer to my potential as a runner. He is professional, personal, and goes above and beyond to help his clients achieve their health and performance goals.”

Justin Angle

“Due to my natural lack of flexibility combined with tremendous wear and tear on my body built up over 30 years of competitive tennis, I developed constant and chronic pain in my hips which spread throughout my body whenever I even walked, but especially when I tried to play tennis. I had this pain for so long that I just assumed that I was going to live with this for the rest of my life and that it would progressively get worse. Stretching did give me a small degree of comfort but nothing significant and whatever small amount of comfort I gained from stretching only lasted for a very short period of time.

After just one Rolfing session with Brad Jones, this pain was dramatically reduced and I even started walking more upright almost immediately. I am certain that one session from Brad took 10 years of debilitating compression off my hips and every session thereafter made things even better. I am certain that Rolfing from Brad Jones would greatly enhance anyone’s quality of life. “

Gordon Kamisar
Tennis Coach

“I came to see Brad after longstanding shoulder and back pain proved resistant to multiple prior treatments strategies. Working with Brad has helped me tremendously, and from a medical point of view his methods make sense. He has taught me to be aware of posture and how it can exacerbate pain-I use his recommendations on a daily basis. Finally, his professionalism, sense of humor and intelligence make him a pleasure to work with. I would recommend Brad to both my patients and family'”

Wendy Levin, MD.
Research Associate
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Attending Physician, Medical Oncology
University of Washington

“My pursuit of alignment, strength and length through yoga has been greatly helped with regular rolfing sessions from Brad over the last three years. Initially practicing yoga without fully understanding how to correctly do the poses had constantly injured my lumbar. Brad’s approach to rolfing has helped me to finally move past the chronic low back irritation, and to achieve a more fluid movement in my joints and muscles. Additionally, Brad’s insights have given me a clearer understanding of how my body works.

You might wonder why the alignment and balance attained through rolfing are important. Most of the other deep tissue therapies that I have worked with over the last twenty five years have sought to release muscular tension equally on all sides – front, back, left and right. While creating temporary relief, this approach frequently weakened areas that needed strengthening and often did not release the correct areas required to achieve deeper movement.

On the other hand, Brad is extremely careful to not over weaken areas. His systematic approach focuses on the specific muscles that need a deep release, without pushing beyond the point of causing pain or imbalance. Brad’s years of studying rolfing and yoga have given him deep insight into how to proceed with a balanced realignment of the body. His thorough and cautious strategies have helped me to go much deeper into my yoga practice.”

Jim Laser
Professional Photographer

“I had nagging injuries for years that I could never get any relief from until I started going to Brad. The work he does is the kind that sticks from session to session and eventually results in a more integrated and balanced physique—that is less prone to injury. I always feel that our sessions are productive, and it may be the only hour out of my entire week that I feel totally relaxed. I am very happy that I found him as a therapist.”

Judy Mahtaban
Seattle Mudhens, Womens Rugby
Team Captain

“Having suffered excruciating pain with plantar fasciitis for nearly two years, my first session with Brad was a revelation. His singular understanding of the body’s form and function enhances his Rolfing practice to a degree I’ve never experienced with any type of bodyworker before—including past Rolfers. After just two months of weekly treatments, I’m now virtually pain free. For me, Brad Jones’s structural integration work is superior to any of the numerous physicians and specialists I’ve seen for this painful condition.”

Gary McAvoy
Founder & CEO, GetToTheTop

“As a yoga practitioner for 10 years and a yoga instructor for 4 years I thought I had a strong sense for how to take care of injuries and re-balance my body. Unfortunately, as I started to practice more intense and challenging asanas the slight imbalances in my body were exacerbated and I developed many plaguing injuries. A lifelong pursuit of athletics and a few car accidents left my body out of alignment.
Getting worked on by Brad Jones has given me incredible pain relief and I feel much more educated on how to reteach my body how to move with less resistance and in the most efficient way. Brad’s patience and dedication impressed me from the start and you can even feel that in his confident touch.”

Lesley McClurg
Yoga Instructor
Golf Pro

“I have done the ten session Rolfing series with Brad as well as referred numerous of my students to him for both the series and for specific ” tune-ups.” Brad is knowledgeable, inquisitive and sensitive. He has an excellent understanding of the body, as well as a keen ability to work with clients on specific issues that impact their lives, including yoga students and students with special challenges, such as stroke, obesity and diabetes. Brad makes his clients feel comfortable and valued, and is just a generally fantastic person and therapist! I would never hesitate to recommend any person to Brad.”

Molly Kenny
Founder and Director, Samarya Center for Integrated Movement Therapy

“As a dancer, I had experienced varying degrees of chronic low back pain since my teens. It became worse after a car accident in my 20’s. Add to that a desk-bound job in front of the computer 40 hours a week, and I was in trouble. Pain was a constant companion in the dance studio, despite spending years pursuing every other healing modality I could find. I was ecstatic to come to Rolfing and experience dramatic relief after just a couple sessions with Brad. I felt old, inefficient holding patterns melt away. I became taller and more grounded. As I completed the 10-session series, I gained increased range of motion and facility, greatly improved balance, a sense of lightness in my limbs, freedom in my spine and ease in my joints. The joy I’ve experienced moving with this new-found integration is immense. I’m so thankful I found Brad, and I would wholeheartedly recommend him to others. His deliberate, intelligent approach along with his professional, friendly manner make him just awesome to work with.”

Diane Williams
Graphic Designer

“As an elite runner my focus is to be able to train at a high level everyday. I had been battling a hip issue for over 6 months when sought care from Brad. After 2 sessions I felt better than I had with all the months of physical therapy, massage and chiropractic treatment. Brad is extremely thorough, professional and gives great follow up care. He not only treats the problem, but also explores the cause and gives recommendations for prevention or recurrence. I have continued to see him for any injury flares I may come across. As well as maintenance to keep my body in alignment and working smoothly when training loads are high. I have had my family members see him for back trouble and they too say they have never had so much relief from any other therapy. When people ask what does Brad does,  I tell them  “If you could blend physical therapy, massage, chiropractic and throw in a little magic; that is rolfing with Brad.”


Amber Morrison
Elite Runner
ER Physician Assistant-Certified

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About Rolfing

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"Brad Jones is a healer! He goes above and beyond to help his clients achieve their health and performance goals.”